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What is Healthy-ish?

Healthy-ish is the way I live my life....or try to. Life is a work in progress. A story constantly being edited and expanded.

In my experience as a healthcare provider, first as a student, then as a nurse, and finally as a nurse practitioner, one thing has remained constant: THE STRUGGLE IS REAL. At every age and stage people are struggling. Struggling to make ends meet. Struggling to be happy. Struggling to understand all the crap doctors and nurses tell them. And struggling to be healthy. But what the heck IS healthy. It only takes 5 minutes and a computer to find at least 20 different “expert opinions” on what it means to be healthy. So I won’t be adding to the cacophony with another “must-try” diet or “miracle” cure.

Health is not black and white. You aren't healthy or unhealthy. There's a whole lot of gray, and I've found contentment living in that gray area. Reaching your health goals doesn't does not require perfection, but it does require intentionality. Nothing happens without commitment and plans. But focus on making those plans "Good Enough" and building in back up plans for when life throws you a giant pot hole (or a global pandemic).

The race for perfection left me either feeling like a hamster on a wheel or like a failure. And each failure left my confidence in the toilet. This cycle continued until one day, I didn’t recognize myself….not just physically but mentally and emotionally. It started with not recognizing myself physically, but I also realized I didn’t recognize who I was on the inside either. I remember thinking that there had to be BETTER way….and Healthy-ish was born.

Now today, I’m proud to say: I’m Healthy-ish. I’m embracing the good enough because that truly is GOOD ENOUGH.

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